Credit Control

Credit Reports and Investigations

Federal Demand provide clients with credit control services and commercial investigations. We have partnered up with Company Searches Made Simple who provide our pay monthly clients with 20 company credit reports a month. This means your debt collection and credit control can be done under the same roof. We take pride knowing that our client can take on new clients or service with peace of mind.

Federal Demand can investigate directors’ previous appointments and business history. Every business is ran by a Person. If that person has had many previous appointments where companies have dissolved or liquidated it could be a sign of fraudulent behaviour and mismanagement. We can also find out key credit information behind on sole traders and homeowners, So you have even more security when taking on work, supplying goods or offering a service.

We can also Trace and Locate absconded and gone away debtors. Upon a debtor disappearing Federal Demand can use our in-house intelligence software to locate debtors their new address.

If our in-house tracing doesn’t provide a clear and certain address the trace will be passed across to our trace and locate partner Palatine R & D Group who can dig deeper. Our monthly clients will receive 10 successful traces a month.

Commercial investigation also includes the following: –

  • Due Diligence Services

  • International Risk Assessment

  • Fraud Investigations

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